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All My FacesAll My Faces 2011

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BahlawanBahlawan 2009

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Mīrā Anwar Awad is featured on

East Jerusalem West JerusalemEast Jerusalem West Jerusalem 2014

フィーチャリング David Broza, Yair Dalal, Wyclef Jean, Sha'anan Streett, Gadi Seri...

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Farewell BaghdadFarewell Baghdad 2013

フィーチャリング Various, Menashe Noy, Uri Gavriel, Daniel Gad, Ahuva Keren...,A Film by Nissim Dayan. Languages: Hebrew, Arabic. Subtitles: Hebrew, English. Farewell Baghdad Directed by Nissim Dayan; written by Nissim Dayan, Eli Amir, based on the novel by Eli Amir; with Daniel Gad, Igal Naor, Ahuva Keren, Uri Gavriel,...

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There Must Be Another WayThere Must Be Another Way 2009

フィーチャリング Achinoam Nini (Noa)

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Arab Labor - The First SeasonArab Labor - The First Season 2008

フィーチャリング Various, Salim Dau, Mariano Idelman, Norman Issa, Clara Khoury...,2 Discs

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Eurovision Song Contest 2005Eurovision Song Contest 2005 2005

フィーチャリング Various, Gaya, Rinat Bar, Samir Shukri, Zehava Ben...

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The Mediterrranean Collection 2000 - 2001The Mediterrranean Collection 2000 - 2001 2001

フィーチャリング Various, Essev Bar, Suzy, Yasmin Levy, Omar Faruk Tekbilek...

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