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CD, 20 Tracks, Released on 2003

The Light and the Shadow By SubliminalThe Light and the Shadow By Subliminal


  1. Disc 1

  2. Hakdama
  3. Ba'anu Choshech Legaresh
  4. Hapered Vehamashol
  5. Ani Yachol
  6. Hafinaly
  7. T'ni Lee
  8. Ha'element Hachamishi
  9. Hainu Asinu
  10. Bor Lelo Tachtit
  11. Biladai
  12. Non Stop
  13. Edi Dicaon
  14. Bounce
  15. Hatzel Metziyon
  16. Lo Tarzlichu La'atzor Oti
  17. Shumu Shamaim
  18. Hatzir
  19. Yeled Rechov
  20. Tikvah
  21. Ha'or Ve Ha'tzel




Worth buying dov
A real classic Michael
One of the nicest CDs I own. Jermey
Love it, highly recommended! Subliminal is the best, American hip hop artists can't even compare. Tiffany
I think that this cd deserves 2 thumbs up. I especially love tikbah and hafinali. mkschraibs